Solar Maintenance Services

Keeping your solar system running smoothly so you get maximum ROI

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The Benefits Maintaining your Solar System

  • Prolong the life of your Solar System
  • Ensure maximum energy production
  • Save more through greater energy production

Solar System Maintenance Services

Solar Panel Cleaning

Sometimes, dirt and grime build up on your photovoltaic panels can reduce the energy production of a system. This is because these substances have oils that prevent light from passing through them effectively which means you’re not getting as much power out for yourself! The best way around this problem? A professional cleaning service with all sorts of equipment needed to make sure nothing gets missed – we’ll even give advice about how often they need servicing in order keep things running smoothly at home

A full-service provider like us offers comprehensive solutions when it comes time cleanliness needs addressing

Solar Panel Maintenance​

If you want to get the most out of your solar power system, it’s important that professional maintenance be performed on a regular basis. We offer a comprehensive solar system analysis, helping to identify any issues that could lead to under-performing panels such as dead cells, dirty cells, or ageing components. 

We’ll also make sure all panels operate at peak efficiency so every watt counts!

Brands We Install

Dear Business Owner, 

Have you been looking for a way to make your business more profitable?

Installing solar panels is a great way to reduce your monthly electricity bill drastically. The great thing is these savings go straight to the bottom line.

We have a complete solar service for businesses. Our solar business experts will help you design a system that will give you maximum return on investment in your solar system.

We know it has to make sense financially for a business to invest in solar, so let our experts prove how much money you will save.

Book a Solar Discovery, call to learn more about how solar panel installation can help your business become more profitable.

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What our clients say


Your solar power system will automatically switch to grid electricity when the sun doesn’t shine. The amount of energy generated by your system and other factors such as how much household consumption there is in a day can affect how much grid energy you require.

The short answer is yes! Because Australia has so much sun, your solar system will produce a lot of energy, offsetting your energy bill. Any excess energy you produce is sold to the energy company. So your investment in solar will pay off in 5-10 years.

Solar panels are usually installed on a North/West facing roof to capture maximum sunlight throughout the day. However, this is not always possible, so solar panels are sometimes installed on a shed, pergola or other residential areas.

That depends on your usage. For example, some businesses use heavy machinery and others just office lights and computers.

We will look at your energy consumption needs and help you build the best system to reduce your energy bill the most based on your needs.

No solar systems can only produce energy when sunlight is present. But because your solar system can feed energy back into the electricity grid, you can use that energy at night when you need it. Another way to use solar energy at night is to install a battery that will store the energy for use at night.

Your system will collect more energy during summer than in winter as there is more sum in summer. Therefore, you can expect to collect about half as much energy on a cloudy day. If your system is not creating enough power on a cloudy day, it can either use the battery you have installed, or it will use energy from the power grid.

Yes! We have up to a 25-year warranty on our panel, batteries and inverters. The warranty will differ depending on brand and product, and we will be clear about this when we provide you with a quote.

We will work this out for you during the Solar Discovery Session. We need to consider many factors for businesses to create the best system for your home, and we can only do that by asking you a few critical questions before we design it.

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