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Mudgeeraba Solar Panel Installation

Mudgeeraba Solar Power Experts​

TMS Solar & Electrical offer a range of solar solutions for all your energy needs, from renewable home solar power to larger commercial solar installations. 

Whether you need help with designing an efficient system, that will work best at the property Mudgeeraba or would like some expert advice on how much money can be saved by going green in Mudgeeraba – we have qualified specialists ready! 

Contact us today using our online contact tool or call 1300 867 123 during business hours.

The Benefits of Installing Solar in Mudgeeraba

We at TMS Solar & Electrical are your local professional solar experts. Based in Helensvale on the Gold Coast, we offer all aspects of solar product sales, solar installation services and solar maintenance services to all areas of Mudgeeraba. 

We supply only the best solar brands and equipment that is suited to Mudgeeraba conditions, as a result, we only source from reputable suppliers.

Experience the difference with our Mudgeeraba Solar Sales, Mudgeeraba Solar Maintenance and Mudgeeraba Solar Installation Services, with the right equipment, an experienced team, and a simple straight forward quote, we therefore we can help reduce your electricity bill to one that you’ll love, easy!

Mudgeeraba Solar Power Installation & Mudgeeraba Solar Battery Installation Services​

Your trusted Mudgeeraba Solar Power installer

Are you looking for a trusted Mudgeeraba Solar Installation or Solar Battery Installation service in Mudgeeraba?

If so, TMS Solar & Electrical has been helping our valued clients across Mudgeeraba with quality solar installation & solar battery installation services with a focus on great customer service, clear communication and supplying the best solar brands available in Mudgeeraba sourced only from quality suppliers.

Mudgeeraba New Solar Installations include:

  • Site inspection for suitability of solar products.
  • Complete energy health check with recommendations for best solar solution moving forward.
  • Full solar system designed by an accredited Clean Energy Council retailer.
  • An easy-to-follow quotation and proposal, including your projected energy savings, your return on investment, along with product and warranty information.
  • Installation by a reputable, fully qualified and insured team of experts who pride themselves on being the best. 
  • Site left clean and tidy and guaranteed free from defects.
  • Ensuring your new solar system looks fantastic
  • Off-Grid Solar and solar battery systems available.
  • Interest-Free finance options available.

Therefore, if great customer service, fast turnaround, an experienced, trusted team and working with a reputable solar installation company in Mudgeeraba is important to you, give us a call today. We will be happy to discuss your project and recommend a new solar and or battery solution to suit your requirements with Mudgeeraba Solar Sales, Mudgeeraba Solar Maintenance and Mudgeeraba Solar Installation Services from TMS Solar & Electrical.

Buy Fronius, GoodWe, Jinko, Tesla, Longi, Sungrow and SMA with TMS Solar & Electrical​ in Mudgeeraba

Buy solar panels and solar inverters online with fast installation timeframes, or arrange your free energy health check.

Mudgeeraba Solar Product Sales

If you are looking for Mudgeeraba Solar Sales for your new solar power solution? Look no further than TMS Solar & Electrical!

Locally sourced from reputable electrical wholesalers across South East Queensland, we ensure the products you get are the best for your budget and solar solution.

TMS Solar & Electrical regularly visits our network of local suppliers to ensure the quality of the products being supplied is top notch.

Mudgeeraba Solar Sales and Installations utilise the following solar panels and inverter brands, all locally supplied and installed across the Gold Coast.

The Benefits of Installing Solar in Mudgeeraba

Energy Bill Savings: The sun is shining on the Gold Coast, and it’s time to take advantage of this natural resource! TMS installed solar panels will save you money on your electricity bill and reduce your monthly expenses.

Great ROI: You will get a great return on investment from your TMS installed solar panels, and you will be able to get your investment back during the lifetime of your solar system.

Solar Energy Rebates: Many Mudgeeraba homeowners and businesses will qualify for solar panel Government rebates or incentives, which will help offset the purchase the system.

Increased Property Value: Installing a TMS Solar & Electrical solar solution on your roof will increase your home’s value as home buyers are looking to save money from their electricity bills.

Save the environment: Do your part to help save the environment and create sustainable energy for the future. Lower your carbon footprint.

Check out how solar can save you money in this awesome blog post.

Save money every year with solar panels in Mudgeeraba

Not only can you use our beautiful sunny climate to save money — the best part about solar energy is that it won’t break your bank! 

TMS Solar & Electrical want more Aussie homeowners to take advantage of this intelligent choice for their home. We specialise in selling and installing high-quality, great value residential solar solutions so all homes can enjoy these benefits, not only at Mudgeeraba, but also anywhere else across Australia.

Residential Solar Services in Mudgeeraba

Mudgeeraba Homes

We’re experts in solar power, and we want to help you find the best solar power solution for your needs that fits your budget. 

We will guide you through every step of this process, including government solar rebates and government incentives that are current for Mudgeeraba, designing a solar system that fits both budget & environmental concerns – all while installing our high-quality solar products, so they work seamlessly with all other electrical appliances at home or onsite!

Mudgeeraba Commercial Solar Services

We know that commercial solar installations have many unique considerations. That’s why our team can help you find the perfect solar solution for your office building, warehouse or other large premise! 

In assisting with navigating through all these obstacles and issues with permits, our expert installation service will ensure the job is hassle-free; we can also install battery storage, therefore ensuring there is never a shortage of free power at any time during day or night, thanks to this new technology in renewable energy production.

Solar Maintenance Services in Mudgeeraba 

Mudgeeraba’s weather is unpredictable, which means you need to service and clean your solar panels regularly to ensure maximum efficiency of the solar panel. 

If they’re not cleaned and inspected at least once per year by professionals who know what they are doing, then their efficiency will decrease over time due lack of maintenance- meaning less energy production for the money invested or spent on your solar power! Some manufactures warranty is only valid if the solar system is serviced at regular intervals.

Our annual check-ups ensure that our clients’ investment continues generating savings without any loss or damage.

See here why you should call TMS Solar & Electrical to clean and maintain your solar panels.

Mudgeeraba Solar Product Sales, Maintenance & Installations​

TMS Solar & Electrical is your preferred supplier of Mudgeeraba Solar Power Sales, Mudgeeraba Solar Power Installations and Mudgeeraba Solar Maintenance Services across the Mudgeeraba area supplying quality solar products to buy online, over the phone or with a free consultation including a free energy health check and quote for your new solar solution.

TMS Solar & Electrical offers a complete range of solar power solutions, solar panels maintenance and solar panel installation services in the following Gold Coast suburbs. To find out more about our products, contact us today on 1300 867 123 or visit

  • Riverstone Crossing
  • Robina
  • Runaway Bay
  • Santcuary Cove
  • Stoneleigh Reserve
  • Tallai
  • Tallebudgera
  • Tamborine Mountain
  • Tuxedo Junction
  • Upper Coomera
  • Varsity Lakes

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Mudgeeraba Solar Discovery Call

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Solar Power Services in Mudgeeraba

We offer a wide range of solar and renewable energy services across Mudgeeraba for homes and businesses. These solar services include:

  • Complete Solar power Installations
  • Solar Panel Installation and Service
  • Solar inverter Installation and Service
  • Repair and Replacement
  • Hail Damaged Solar Panels in Mudgeeraba
  • Residential and Commercial Solar Solutions
  • Off-Grid solutions
  • Solar upgrades
  • Solar Battery Installation and Service
  • AC Coupled Battery solutions.


Get your Solar Quote Today. Call us now to see how we can help you!


TMS Solar & Electrical use only the best products when it comes to solar power, not only in Mudgeeraba, but throughout South East Queensland! 

We can help with sales and servicing all brands – no matter where you live or what kind of weather conditions your area experiences.

 Our team has years of experience installing different types of solar equipment according to local requirements, therefore they’ll know exactly which product suits YOUR needs, perfectly based on their thorough assessment while working together closely during the quotation phase.

A happy Mudgeeraba Solar Customer following a Solar Panel Installation
A happy Mudgeeraba Solar Customer following a Solar Panel Installation
TMS Solar & Electrical installing commercial solar panels in Mudgeeraba
TMS Solar & Electrical installing commercial solar panels in Mudgeeraba
TMS Solar & Electrical scheduling a solar panel install in Mudgeeraba
TMS Solar & Electrical scheduling a solar panel install in Mudgeeraba
Mudgeeraba Solar Panel Installation being tested by TMS Solar & Electrical
Mudgeeraba Solar Panel Installation being tested by TMS Solar & Electrical